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Tuble Head Blow Molding Machine
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Products Name: Tuble Head Blow Molding Machine(CM-40D)
Products Infomation:
CM- D (Single Station)
CM- D2D (Double Station)
1. Screw can be designed upon custmers request, the screw & brrel are made of special steel and prlcessed by nitrifing.
2. The spicial structure of extruder,and the vertical & longitudinal adjustment of flatable can be adjusted automaatically, so as to the blow nozzle plst, furthermore. which equipped with water cooling device.
3. Refer to PE/PVE for changing production to each other which just to replace some component, Especially there can be installed small screw to endicate the color of oil bottle levelling line.
4. Special designed of hydraulic, circuiting and accuracy of moulding movement & positioning. Furthermore, there can be installed the parison parameter contrller to adjust the thickness automatically.
5. which can be installed auto bottom releasing fo moulding and auto circular cutter for jar.
6. Adopted independantive electrical cabinet and reducing vibration and selecting computer controlling system upon customers reqest.
7. The unit which without circulating oil of air compressor, moulding & air compressor.
Products Infomation:
Tuble Head Blow Molding Machine
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CMA-JCJar Pre-form Auto-feeding Device

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