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Accumulator Type Blow Molding Machine
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Chia Ming Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Chia Ming Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Accumulator Type Blow Molding Machine(CM- I)
Products Infomation:
1. The inside components of the die head are nitrified, tempered and precision-ground.
2. This outstanding design of the bottom blowing set facilitaes coneainer moulding and creates precision products.
3. A specially-designed by-pass circuit permits a very secure mild clamping effect.
4. The controlling system all adopted LED display installations which can be displayed the duty-cycle condition.As for the self diagnostic systim which being with ease maintance due to out of order, ease & high efficiency.
5. The entire extruder can be adjusted automatically in an upward/downward direction through hydraulic power.
6. The unit employs a SSR for high temperature control accuracy to within 3XC Various safety. cevices are provided for maximum safety.
Products Infomation:
Accumulator Type Blow Molding Machine
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CM-75.90.100SAccumulator Type Blow Molding Machine

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