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Horizontal Type Blow Molding Machine
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Products Name: Horizontal Type Blow Molding Machine(CM- HH)
Products Infomation:
CM- HH (Single Station)
CM- HH2D (Double Station)
E Screw can be designed upon customers request, the screw & barrel are made of special steel and processed by nitrifying.
E The special structure of extruder, and the vertical & longitudinal adjustment of flat-table can be adjusted automatically, so as to the blow nozzle post, furthermore, which equipped with water cooling device.
E Refer to PE/PVC for changing production to each other which just to replace some component; Especially there can be installed small screw to indicate the color of oil bottle leveling line.
E Special designed of hydraulic, circuiting and accuracy of moulding movement & positioning. Furthermore, there can be installed to adjust the thickness automatically.
E Which can be installed auto bottom releasing of moulding and auto circular cutter for jar.
E Adopted independantive electrical cabinet and reducing vibration and upon customers request.
E The unit which without circulating oil of air compressor, moulding & air compressor.
Products Infomation:
Horizontal Type Blow Molding Machine
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CM-45TTriple Head Blow Molding Machine
CM-40DTuble Head Blow Molding Machine
CM-40SSingle Head Blow Molding Machine
CMA-JCJar Pre-form Auto-feeding Device

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