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Blow Molding Machine (O Series)
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Products Name: Blow Molding Machine (O Series)(FS-55ODSO)
Products Infomation:
Product Name: Blow Molding Machine ( O series- Standard-type / Oblique-Slide Motion) , Product Information: Single station type, suitable for producting medium size bottles of various materials, and equipment with single die head, double die head, three die heads and for die heads
Products Infomation:
Blow Molding Machine (O Series)
Ohter Product
FS100LSSOBlow Molder
FS-75PSDOAutomatic Blow Molding Machine
FS-55PDSOBlow Molding Machine
FS-90PSSOBlow Moulder
FS-1000HS / FS-1000 HDSemi-Auto PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine
FS-90ISSO/ FS-100ISSOAutomatic Blow Molding Machine ( I Series)
FS-45ASSOBlow Molding Machine (A Series)
FS-90OFDOBlow Molding Machine (O Series)

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