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PET Stretch Blow Molding Series
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Products Name: PET Stretch Blow Molding Series
Products Infomation:

  Infrared ray heating tubes combined with rotary design ensures extremely uniform heating for PET performs, superior molding performance and minumum product defects.
  Heating zones can be adjusted to meet production variations.
  Heating tubes are adjustable in upward/downward and forward/backward directions to suit various perform sizes and shapes.
  Full-time stabilized heating system. Heating temperature and speed are adjustable according to sizes and features of performs.
  The stretch shaft is located on the mold center for convenient operation and adjustment and rigid structure. Superior air tightness for high-pressure blowing upgrades molding performance.
  Consistent operation, minimal trouble and easy maintenance.
  Offers two functions in a single machine by simply changing the mold from single to double cavity mold. (PK2PSB)
  Requires little floor space, suitable for small-to middle-size factories.

Products Infomation:
PET Stretch Blow Molding Series
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