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Products Name: Mini Blow molding Machine(SB-40-TS)
Products Infomation:

The Mini is one of our best selling machines. Priced economically, it is very fast in output, extremely compact in dimensions, and simple to service. The standard machine has a scrap take-off conveyor, and finished bottles exit the sides on escape chutes. However, the Mini can be fully automated.

- Designed for mass production of containers ranging from 5mL up to 500mL.

Head Combinations
Single, double, and triple configuration output.

- Dry cycle speed is 2.5s. 8s on a triple head is achievable. A pharmaceutical bottle with 18mm neck in PE with excellent neck finish can be produced up
to 70, 000pcs/day.

-Besides HDPE, other materials can be used as well, such as PP, PETG & PVC.

Screw diameter 40mm
Screw L/D 24:1
Extruding speed 15~103rpm
Extruding volume (PE) 20~22kg/h
Extruder heating 2 zones
Clamp stroke 90mm
Clamp force 3t
Dry cycle 3s
Water consumption 0.8 cubic meters/h
Air consumption 0.6 cubic meters/m
Net weight 1t
Inverter drive motor 5.5kW
Extruder (PE) 3.6kW
Hydraulic pump motor 4kW
Die heater 1.3~2.6kW
Max. power consumption 14.4~15.6kW

Main components:

VICKERS (Hydraulic)
FESTO (Pneumatic control)
MOOG (Parison programmer)
Allen-Bradley (Relays)
SMC(pneumatic cylinders)
GE industrial systems(inverter)
BARBER Colman control system

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