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Akei Plastic-Machine Mfy., Ltd.
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Products Name: Shuttle series Blow molding Machine(AO-70SN-TS)
Products Infomation:

The Akei Shuttle Series represents the best value package in blow molding machinery available today. Simple, user friendly construction and relatively high-speed output are combined in this series, which has been well tried and tested around the world for the last 10 years.

While having huge price advantages, the machines are extremely well manufactured, and offer competitive outputs and speeds when compared to European brands.

The shuttle machinery series incorporates the following components as standard:
Relays and breakers Allen Bradley
Pneumatic controls Festo
Inverter drive GE Fuji
Temperature controls RKC
Pneumatic cylinders SMC
PLC Mitsubishi
Hydraulic systems Vickers
Parison programming Moog
Screws American design

Akeis Shuttle Series can be customized for unique production requirements with the following optional features:

- Extruders are up-gradable to increase extruding output
- Hot cutters or pre-pinch cold Cutters
- 2, 30 & 100 parison programming with MOOG Digipack
- Multi-parison & multi-layer applications
- Barber Colman Total Control
- Automatic in-line deflashing of tops, bottoms, & handles
- Automatic in-line spin-trimmers & fly cutters
- Pneumatically operated robot-arms for oriented discharge
- Wrap-around chain-linked conveyors merge bottles into one lane
- Inclining scrap conveyor that delivers scrap to grinders
- In-Mould-Labeling equipment

Akei In-Mold-Labeling (IML) Machine
The Akei In-Mold-Labeling (IML) Machine is one of many quality products manufactured by Akei. Akeis IML unit is equipped with MOOG parison programming and double layer extrusion. Providing superior performance and enhanced efficiency. Akeis IML was awarded "CMA Secretary For Trade and Industry Award" at the Hong Kong New Products Competition of 1987. in the year 2000, the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong, again awarded Akei with the CMA Certificate of Merit" for its exceptional industrial design. In 2001, Akeis IML was officially patented under The Intellectual Property Bureau of Peoples Republic of China.

Dry cycle time 5.2s
IML unit Servo motor 0.27kW
Max. stroke of IML 1220mm
Max. stroke of IML Labelers 40x2-50x2mm
Compressed air consumption: (5-7 bars) 1cbm/min

Dry cycle time 7s
IML unit Servo motor 0.27kW
Max. stroke of IML 1220mm
Max. stroke of IML Labelers 40x2-75x2mm

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LIN-90II-TSLinear series Blow molding Machine

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