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Products Name: Blow Molding Machine(EB2L-7-SS)
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1.Lowered power and cooling-water consumption.
2.Several electrical servomotors working with a ball screw requires less power (e.g. single dry cycle plus pipe programming in ten sec requires only 1HP).

•High accuracy
Electrical servomotors work with high-speed PC controller for a positioning accuracy of as high as 0.05mm.

•Enhances defect-free rate
1.No hydraulic control problems, high stability and high-accuracy repetitive operation
2.Smooth operation increases seam strength.

•Environmentally-friendly, quiet
Electrical servomotor control minimizes noise, inertia, enhances precision, and ensures no impact, no hydraulic-fluid leakage or pollution. This is a second-to-none choice of the latest blow-molding machines.

•Designed for producing medicinal, electronics, chemical and food containers.

•Easy maintenance
1.Requires no management of hydraulic fluid
2.Requires no regular inspection of oil seal, piping or valve
3.Only toggle shaft, ball screw and bearing need to be greased

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EB2L-7-SSBlow Molding Machine

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