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Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Blow Molding Machine(PBS-605)
Products Infomation:
Durable,horizontal traveling mold carriage combined with German linear motion guides for maximum stability.The series is excellent for producing medium and big sized containers.
Available to equip with auto deflashing device and take-out robot to achieve fully automatic,highly efficient production.
The series is equipped with a 5" monochrome LCD screen with human-machine interfacing control system.10" TFT colorful LCD screenis optional.
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PBSS-505 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-605 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-705 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-905 S, D, T, Q / PBSS-1005 S, D, T, QBlow molding machine
KM-PBS-405VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-505VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-605VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-705VS, TC, TL / KM-PBS-905VS, TC, TLBlow molding machine
PBS-505PC, PBS-605PC, PBS-705PC, PBS-905PCBlow molding machine
Blow molding machine
Blow molding machine
PBS-305 S, D, T, Q / PBS-405 S, D, T, Q / PBS-505 S, D, T, Q / PBS-605 S, D, T, QBlow molding machine
PBA-210, 210A, 210BBlow molding machine

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