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Products Name: Blow Molding Machine(PBI-X)
Products Infomation:
This series of machines is equipped with a standard accumulator head I.Especially ideal for producing picnic tables,tool boxes,toys,automotive duct,L-ring drums and stacking chemical drums up to 1,000 liters.
*First-out accumulation Pin type die head.Injection piston can be hydraulically lifted from the accumulation cylinder,providing convenient material cleaning and shortened color change time.
*The die head features single hydraulic cylinder injection combined with multi-step,injection speed setting.
*Die head can be elevated for convenient mold change.Also can be micrometrically adjusted in the right/left direction,providing convenient distance calibration between die head and mold.
*Maddock type screw combined with Italy Zambello gearbox assures an extremely uniform mixing effect.
*Mold carriage is a diagonal Tie rods structure.Mold open/close direction is parallel with screw and can be moved forward/backward for convenlent mold change.
Mold carriage is activated by an advanced cluster hydraulic cylinder.2 sub-cylinder for mold closing and opening with high-speed,1 main cylinder for mold clamping with high-pressure.
*Die head elevation stroke is available to extend to one meter,permitting the production of picnic tables under 8 feet and automotive duct,etc.
*Hydraulic system employs proportional pressure and a flow logic circuit.
*Equipped with a human machine interfacing control system,combined with a proportional pressure hydraulic circuit.All the machine functions and conditions can be monitored and set on the control cabinet,such as temperature setting,hydraulic setting,parison control and data saving,etc.
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Blow molding machine

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