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Full-Automatic High Speed Rotary Stretch Blow Molding Machine for Thermoplastic Materials of PET,PP.(SBM Series)
Products Name: Full-Automatic High Speed Rotary Stretch Blow Molding Machine for Thermoplastic Materials of PET,PP.(SBM Series)(SBM-10)
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This machine is a full automatic two-steps rotary stretch blow molding machine for thermoplastic materials such as PET, PP etc. It is widely used for the blow molding of plastic container (including hot filling bottle) suitable for the product of water,tea drink, dairy, fruit juice,carbonated beverage and pharmaceutical injection etc.With the structure of multi-mold in one machine, this machine can complete the actions of parison unscrambling,parison feeding,heating, feeding,stretch,blowing, cooling and bottle conveying etc full automatically. The main components on the machine are of international famous brand.The machine owns the advantage of high level automation, reliable and stable operation and low power consumption.It is the high efficient equipment for largescale production in modern large enterprise.
The ventilation cooling system is equipped on the infrared light in the heating furnace to increase the service life of the light tube and enhance the heat efficiency of the heating furnace.
The preform heating adopts thyristor controlled infrared warm up technology. The temperature of every layer of the infrared light tube can be controlled independently. Alarm device is equipped for the disconnection of the tube line.
The air flow in the heating furnace and bottle neck protection device are well designed to prevent the bottle neck from warm up influence and guarantee the ideal temperature curve on the preform.
The special structure of the blowing nozzle guarantees the reliability of the mouth closing under various air blowing pressure. Unique blowing control mode enhances the quality pass rate of the plastic bottle being blown.
The electronic checking system is capable to automatically eliminate the unformed preform or insuffcient formed bottle accurately, therefore guarantees the quality of the final bottle product.
Together with simple but firm structure design, the opening and closing of the die carrier is accurately controlled by the new type cam mechanism to make the replacement of the mold faster and more convenient.
Fully closed in structure and equipped with reliable safety door mechanism, the machine guarantees the safety of the operator to utmost extent. The machine is also equipped with several safety protection devices such as mold clamping protection device, mold locking protection device, bottom mold protection device and mold opening protection device etc to guarantee the safety operation of all actions.
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EBM50Full-Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine(EBM Series)

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