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Full-Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine(EBM Series)
Products Name: Full-Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine(EBM Series)(EBM50)
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This equipment is applicable to the production of containers made of copolymer such as PE and PP.It is widely used in beverage, dairy,healthcare product,food and pharmaceutical industry.This machine adopts internationally advanced industrialized construction design.
Maincomponents are of famous international brands. Duplex die, 3-die, 4-die, 6-die, 8-die and 10-die extrusion systems, multilayer coextrusion system and parison control system can be provided at customers request, so that the machine can perform the functions of material plasticizing,extruding,blowing and molding,tail and mouth cutting and conveying etc.steadily,high-efficiently and automatically. it complies with the requirement of industrialized and modernization production..
Hydraulic driving system equipped with highly efficient, changeable and readily controllabl variable displacement piston pump, 30%-40% power consumption saved.
Equipped with new type of automatic deflash device and adjustable neck circumrotate cutting device to ensure the quality of the neck.
Extrusion system uses BM split type screw and coordinates with intelligent PID temperature control system. This could strengthen the quality of raw material plasticization and improve its efficiency.
Made of special Magnesium-Aluminum alloy and processed by numerical control equipment, the mold is highly precise in dimension with the features of good coolingeffect and long usage life.
User-friendly operation control system with regular operation & monitoring function and special functions of emergency mold opening, low temperature extrusion protection and authorization password setting, etc.
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SBM-10Full-Automatic High Speed Rotary Stretch Blow Molding Machine for Thermoplastic Materials of PET,PP.(SBM Series)

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