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Products Name: Electric Blow Molding Machine(EHB SERIES)
Products Infomation:
FKI has developed Electric Blow Moulding Machine for the packaging industry producing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage bottles in sterile rooms.
Electric Blow Moulding Machine is a total new innovation design with fully electrically operated on the parison control, blow pin, the mold carriage and clamp in stead of those traditional hydraulic system with oil pump, oil cylinder and valves which significantly reduce energy consumption, gives higher production rate, less maintenance cost, noise level much reduced, in long term total production cost being dramatically reduced.
Features :
Energy Saving : the parison control, blow pin, the mold carriage and clamp are driven by servomotors without hydraulic system. All these motions are not necessary to be running continuously to save power. Due to free of cooling system for hydraulic unit, fewer and smaller chiller for cooling is accomplished.
Quietness : the noise of servomotor is much less than inductive motor for hydraulic pump. Intermittent working makes less noise of whole machine.
Absence of messy hydraulic oil : there is no pollution of oil leaking and no annoy piping. All the used grease is food grade machinery grease.
More precise and faster cycle time : servomotor could make excellent precision in high-speed running to improve production efficiency.
Reduced downtime and labor : the electro-mechanical actuator has been design for a maintenance free operation. Only when used at high temperature and in corrosive environment a yearly lubrication is suggested.
The machine is consisting of 55 mm grooved feeder extruder with a barrier flight screw which suitable to process high molecular high density polyethylene and polypropylene with good mixing and high output rate about 50% higher than the conventional extruder.
Die head of torpedo type with single spider leg design for even parison flow and stable wall thickness distribution. Parison thickness is controlled By the electro-mechanical actuator of Moog brand through 400 points of parison control system of M400 PLC Modules.
Toggle type clamp at 100 kN clamping force operated with I-Multi Axis drives of Moog brand to ensure accurate clamp and carriage.
Entire machine is controlled and operated by Moog M400 PLC Modules available with internet access for software change as well as trouble shooting on line.
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