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Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
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Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
· Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine(HBA Series)
Products Infomation:
FKI offers Blow Moulding Machine with a wide range of application. HBA series is a special continuous extrusion for making 100mm to 30 liter bottles / jerry cans / containers. High productivity, Low power consumption and Total automation blow moulding machine.

Extruder with grooved feed design, high output and well plasticizing.
Gear box is of Zambello brand used to ensure higher performance and excellent efficiency.
Extruding die of torpedo type, uniform radial wall thicknesses and fast color change.
Cold cutting unit completed with pinch off device for pre-blow function.
Linear rack bearing with self-lubrication system.
Clamping unit is of Toggle type.
Closed loop proportional valves for the carriage stroke as well as the mould platen opening and closing.
In-line auto deflashing unit works in connection with the conveyor to handle residue.
Entire machine is controlled by multi-processor form Barber Colman, Maco 6000 with color touch screen operation monitor.
100 points parison thickness control with moog servo valve achieves high quality performance.
Single station or double station mould clamping unit positioned and sitting on liner rack bearing which gives high stability for horizontal movement and saves energy as the unit reaches the required clamping force.
In-line leak detector can also be combined for a total quality control mode.
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