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Products Name: Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine(CLB Series)
Products Infomation:
Our company offers the most practical blow moulding machine for the industry with a wide range of application. Due to high oil price and material costs for plastic containers becoming so high and unaffordable, the industrial has been forced to try all means make use of higher percentages of regrind material as well as to keep the layer with pure virgin material at the lowest possible thickness. Material costs as well as the master batch can be dramatically reduced without comprising the packaging quality and its appearance.
The two or three layer co-extruder blow moulding machine is being introduced to the market to meet these new requirements, covering the range from 120 liter ~ 220 liter L ring drums.

Extruder with grooved feed zone and screw of barrier flight design to ensure high mixing and optimum the processing results.
Helical gear box with big range of speed reduction suitable to process different grade of Material.
Main drive of DC motor and AC motor with vector inverter at buyers option
All extruders are fixed on a common plateform with height adjustable by motor
Extruding die head with special channel design for smooth and even flow, giving stable layer distribution and easy adjustment for wall thickness.
Clamp travels on linear rack bearings with hydraulic closed loop proportional valves.
All linear bearings with self lubrication system as standard.
Free access for mold change by just moving away the bow pin unit.
User-friendly control system by using Maco 6000, easy pick up and maintenance.
100 point parison programming system with Moog servo valve.
Auto deflashing device with residue slide chute.
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Continuous Co-Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

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