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Accumulator Blow Moulding Machine
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Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
· Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Products Name: Accumulator Blow Moulding Machine(ABI-125L)
Products Infomation:
L-Ring Drump Blow Mouling Machine
FKI is a major manufacturer of Accumulator Blow Moulding machine in the industry. ABI-125L is designed especially for L-ring drum and open top barrel drum.
Specification :
Screw O125mm, L/D=30:1
Main drive 200HP DC motor or AC motor with vector inverter.
European made helical gearbox with thrust bearing of SKF 29440.
Guarantee output 400kg/hr
Accumulator capacity 25 liter (17.5kg)
The clamping unit is for tie bar-less & free access for mold in/out.
The clamping size is for LK type clamp unit of 6 locking device with proportional valve control for locking speed.
The clamping size is 1,200mm Height x 1,330mm Width
Directional proportional valve for clamp open and close, and for injection speed.
Unscrew device for blow pin unit for inner thread neck.
Safety device with photo cell fixed on two sides of clamp platens.
Robot arm to take the finished product out from clamp area.
Slide chute to collect the finished product.
Barber-Colman MACO 6,000
Optional Attachments:
Safety door with interlock device for electric / hydraulic / pneumatic system.
Post cooling unit with alum mold to shorten cycle time.
Vertical cutting saw.
Strong crusher completed with turbo blower and silo tank.
Water chiller and air compressor.
Blow mould and injection cap molds.
3DX Radial Parison Programming System, to enhancing material distribution to improve the performance by using hydraulic cylinders to pull and push a ring into a programmed series of shapes as achieving better drop test strength of maintaining minimum wall thickness.
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