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Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
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Fong Kee Iron Works Co., Ltd.
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Clamping Unit
  ABI 02 Clamping Unit
Accumulator Extruder
  ABI 03 Accumulator Extruder
Accumulator Head
   Accumulator Head
Accumulator Blow Moulding Machine
  ABI-125L Accumulator Blow Moulding Machine
Co-Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
  HBA series Co-Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
  CLB Series Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
  HBA Series Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
PC Tank Injection Blow Moulding Machine
  FK/IBL-90-PC PC Tank Injection Blow Moulding Machine
Electric Blow Molding Machine
  EHB SERIES Electric Blow Molding Machine
Continuous Co-Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
   Continuous Co-Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
Accumulator Head Blow Moulding Machine
  ABI Series Accumulator Head Blow Moulding Machine
Blow Molding Machine,Blown Film Machine / Inflation Machine,Cast Film Extrusion Machine,Coating/Laminating Extrusion Machine
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1953 Established by Mr. C.C. Wei, under the name of FONG KEE IRON WORKS, with 6 employees and total investment of NT$ 50,000. Main activity in mold, die making and machine maintenance. 1964 Moveded to Young Loh road (now Ta Fu St.), with a new factory area of 114 pins (372 m2). Registered capital increased to NT$1,000,000. 1966 Changed company name to "FONG KEE IRON WORKS CO., LTD." Registered capital increased to NT$ 5,000,000. Started exporting to south East Asia. With a capability of offering an extruder of 160 mm. diameter. 1970 Moved to No. 125-22 Yen-Hang Road, Yong Kang Hsiang Tainan, with a new factory area of 1,100 pings (3,300 m2). 1971 Registered capital increased to NT$10,000,000. 1976 Participated in the Taipei Machinery Show and exhibited the first High Density PE Blown Film Line in Taiwan. 1978 Started exporting to Canada and USA. 1980 Exported first unit of Four Color LDPE Film Inflation Line to Nigeria. 1981 Received "THE BEST VALUE INCREMENT" award from the Ministry of Economics. 1982 Registered capital increased to NT$ 19,500,000. 1983 Registered capital increased to NT$ 35,000,000. First time to participate K show, Dusseldorf, exhibited with BFD-45 high speed double head blowing film line with grooved feed extruder. 1985 Participated in the NPE 85, Chicago, USA. Participated in Taipei Plas and introduced first Extrusion Lamination Machine with fully automatic splicing system for both unwinder and rewinder. 1986 Participated in K 86, exhibited first fully computerized control system blow moulder. 1988 Participated in NPE 88, Chicago, USA. Participated in AUSPLAS 88, Sydney Australia. Sales volume exceeding NT$ 30,000,000. Started collaboration with Kodama, Japan, producing first three layer ABS/PS co-extrusion Sheet line in Taiwan. 1989 Moved to present factory location in July. Factory area 2,200 pings (7,260m2). Five floor office building with an area of 480 pings (600m2). Introduced CAD/CAM technology to design department. Participated in K 89, Dusseldorf. Participated in Taipei Plas and introduced first Three Layer CPP Cast Film Making Machine combined with fully computerized control system. 1990 Government recognition that FKI is one of Taiwans top manufacturers. 1991 Registered capital increased to NT$ 700,000,000. 1992 Company adopted on-line computer management system. Developed 2-layer co-extrusion lamination machine. Participated in K 92, introducing ABI-75 accumulator blow Moulding machine. 1993 Developed Double "L" Ring Drum Blow Moulding M/C. Set up Quality Assurance Division. Started ISO 9002 Education Training Program. Annual sales reached US$ 20,000,000. 1994 Fulfilled requirements of quality assureance for ISO 9002 on25th August. 1995 Participated in Taipei Plas 95, in August. Demonstrated fully automatic computerized accumulator head blow moulding machine of model FK/ABI-75, with auto in-line deflashing unit. The FKI Blow Molder and FK/ABI-100, obtained "CE" mark in September. Participated in K 95, in Dusseldorf, Germany in October. Developed the five layer co-extrusion barrier cast film line. 1996 Annual sales exceeding NT$ 600,000,000. 1997 Participated in Taipei Plas 97, with 3 Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line, with output exceeding 600 KG/HR, with IBC and Oscillating Haul Off Tower design and aslo new design Accumulator Head Blow Moulding Machine. 1998 For future expansion, purchased neighboring land (6,600m2). Developed PE Stretch Film Line by T-die cast system as well as by Blowing Film Line. Participated in K`98, with Injection System Blow Moulding Machine for 5 gallon PC water tank. 1999 Introduced CBL series continuous extrusion system blow moulding machine-single head double station, to produce 20-30 liter Jerrycan with view stripe processing, with production rate of 30 seconds per piece. 2000 Registered capital increased to NT$ 100,000,000. Participated in NPE 2000 in Chicago, U.S.A., introduced total new design HBA Series Blow Moulding Machine, HBA-65-DS, shuttle type with clamp platen which moves horizontally on radial bearings. 2001 Participated in Brazil Plast in Sao Paulo, with FK/ABI-100. Participated in Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition in Beijing, China, with FK/HBA(E)-65-SS, suitable for making 5 liter container. Participated in the Taipei Plas, with FK/HBA(E)-75-QSV for 1 liter bottle with view stripe processing for lub-oil, with capacity 1,000 pcs/hr. Participated in K2001, exhibited FK/HBA(E)-75/20-QSGV, four head single station, to produce 700 c.c. lub-oil with view stripe processing. 2002 Fulfilled requirements of quality assurance ISO 9001-2000 edition. The first party in extrusion field obtained ISO certificate inTaiwan. Participated in INTERPLASTICA 2002 in Moscow, Russia. First time to deliver our machines to Russia. 2003 Participated in the PLAST 03 exhibitionin Milan, Italy. Participated in the NPE 2003 in Chicago, U.S.A. Exhibitied HBA(E)-65-SDGV for making 5 liter lub-oil container with production capacity as 250 pcs/hr. Registered capital increased to NT$ 120,000,000. 2004 Participated in Taipei Plas04, introducing two blow mould machines, one for 5 liter jerrycan with double head, single station in-mold labeling. And one for 30 litter jerrycan with single head, double station with grooved feeder extruder and view stripe processing. First time to participate Pakistan International Plastic Printing Packaging Industry Exhibition during 25~28 of May. First time to participate the 2nd International Plastic, Packing & Packaging Exhibition in Syria during 15 ~ 19 of July, introduced DBL(E)-55-DS, double head, single station, for making 1,000 c.c. milk bottle. 2nd factory opened in June 10th with extra workign space of 2,000 pings (6,700 m2). To participate K 2004, introducing high speed blow moulding machine for 20/25 liter jerrycan, with single head, double station, grooved feeder extruder, and view stripe processing. 2005 First time to participate the 6th PLASTICA in Athens, Greece during March 18~22. Participated in Brazil Plast in Sao Paulo during April 4~8, with FK/HBA100GVT30SD, single head, double station, for making 30 liter jerrycan with handle. Participate in Pakistan International Plastic Printing Packaging Industry Exhibition during May 10 ~ 13. Participated the 3rd International Plastic, Packing & Packaging exhibition in Syria during May 27 ~ 31. First time to participate PLASTPOL 2005 in Targi Kielce, Poland during May 31 ~ June 3. Firtst time to participate FAKUMA, Germany during October 18~22.
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